Todd, my husband, came from a cattle background. I've always wanted goats, and after much discussion I finally talked him into it. I think for him, it brought back a lot of farming memories with his father.

At first, we started with Pygmy and Boer goats. It was a tremendous learning experience! While we loved having the Pygmy and Boers, our research lead us to the Kikos.

Kikos are where our heart is. Everything you hear about them is true. They are hardy, make the best mothers, and their kids are born with exuberant amounts of energy and zest!

We take a lot of pride in our Kikos and want the best genetics and parasite resistant goats in our heard.

Trotters Pride Kikos is committed to providing our customers with first rate Kiko goats. We are running our heard with two sires; both 100% New Zealand bucks. We can offer our customers 100% New Zealands, purebred Kikos. We spend a lot of time with our goats, making us able to accurately determine the types of goats we have.